I am writing at 40,000 feet, returning from Shareasale’s Think Tank 2014. As always, Shareasale exceeds expectation with networking opportunities, venue, education and new affiliate marketing tool launches.

A couple of years ago, Think Tank changed its format to a content affiliate focus. Prior the event hosted several coupon sites. Now the majority of the attendees are bloggers or content niche affiliates. This commitment to the growing demand for a content marketing affiliate continues in Shareasale’s tool launch.

While affiliates learned about site monetization, OPMs and affiliate managers got a sneak peak at management and affiliate marketing tools. Brian also spoke of an exciting new recruitment tool that made me smile widely. However, the focus of this post is affiliate tools. Below are new tools to customize and increase efficiencies within your affiliate marketing efforts.


Updated Make a Page
The Make A Page tool on Shareasale allows you to create your own affiliate store page. You can include multiple merchants and customize to match your site for an integrated look.

Highlighted features include:

  • Ability to create your own ‘store’ without any programming required. Keyword searches make it easy to find and select multiple products
  • Products are static based on your selection
  • Customize information displayed on the page including a ‘custom text’ option for your own copy
  • Gallery option makes for a compelling creative
  • Social media sharing integrated


Make a Page Affiliate Marketing Options

Gallery View Option Available

Make a Page Gallery

Product Showcase
The Product Showcase tool allows you to make custom and dynamic banners. You select the type of banner you look and custom to fit best with your site. Advantages of the Product Showcase include

  • Select products across multiple merchants based on a keyword
  • Products are dynamically updated when the date feed is updated
  • Customize the look and feel of the banner to integrate with your site and branding

Shareasale Product Showcase

Coming Soon
Product Discovery Tool – I thought this was the most exciting launch of the session due to its easy implementation and time saving results. Affiliates can now install a booklet, similar to Pinterest, on their navigation bar. Once installed, affiliates can generate direct affiliate links WITHOUT having to go into the Shareasale portal or leave the merchant website. Affiliates can save links in their ‘basket’ for uninterrupted workflow within the merchant site. What a great tool to keep your writing flow moving and commit to more direct links which means increased conversions. Below is a quick screen capture but look for the launch soon!

Shareasale Discovery Tool

Advanced Commission Structures –  Managers can now protect content affiliates through various clickstream attributions. For instance, an independent clickstream and rules can be identified for only loyalty sites to avoid cross overs. Commission rules can be created to reward increased order value. The variations are endless and powerful. The common thread is that blogger/content affiliate was obviously in the forefront of the developers minds.


If you need help implementing these new and powerful monetization tools, feel free to reach out. I am happy to walk you through via Skype. Please contact me here.

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