Niche Influencers Outreach Advice For Your Affiliate Program

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The following blog post was originally posted on AM Days. I am speaking at AM Days, an affiliate management conference, in May. My session covers who to get those recruited influencers into performing affiliates. Click here for more details. And of course, this is an affiliate link because you know…it’s what I do and all.  I can also offer you 15% off any 2-day session by using the code SPKROBBINS. If you click on this link, I will receive a commission to offset travel costs.   Looking to recruit an influencer who is also a top performing affiliate? The key to influencer recruitment success begins with your list. As an affiliate manager, the evolution of influencers in the performance marketing space is a trend I have kept a close eye on. Early on, I saw the value of content affiliates but remained a minority among my peers. Now, the tide has changed. Influencer marketing has infiltrated the affiliate marketing world. Merchants see the value of influencers’ reviews for conversions and requests for affiliate managers to recruit influencers have grown exponentially. Affiliate managers now spend much of their time diligently crafting custom emails with the hopes of recruiting the next top performing influencer. However, many of these hours are wasted because of one common mistake. Many managers overlook the first essential step in the recruitment process: creating the prospect list.  An unqualified list results in failure, no matter how brilliant your recruitment outreach. Your prospect search should go beyond standard stats such as the number of followers, page ranking, and MOZ score. This post illustrates how to avoid common illusions and key components managers should look for to find influencers who will know how to connect, and as a result, sell to your target audience. Below are six key steps to creating an influencer list that will recruit top performing affiliates. #1 Pick A Niche Finding the sweet spot with influencers isn’t just about follower counts, it is also about the niche. Niche influencers have authority, knowledge and trust with their audience. Those three components translate to affiliate revenue. We buy from people we trust. We trust people who are experts. Prior to any list creation, I identify my top niches to recruit from. As an example, I manage an all-natural cosmetic brand. I look beyond the general niche of beauty bloggers and focus recruitment one level deeper. The more specific the niche I find, the higher conversion rates I see.  One recruitment segment I’ve identified is vegan influencers. These micro-influencers may have smaller numbers in followers, but they have knowledge, passion and a sincere connection with their audience that results in an authentic representation of my merchant. Below is an...

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Chegg Affiliate New Year’s Resolutions Post Ideas

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2018 is right around the corner and resolutions are starting to form. And while only a small percentage of people keep their resolutions, you can make the difference in helping a student reach his/her goal. Below are ideas for keeping the Raise My GPA resolution intact through graduation. Feel free to copy any of these tips or modify to make your own for a top converting Chegg affiliate post.   Top 10 Ways To Increases Your GPA Chegg Study – access to an extensive knowledge based on existing textbooks. Students also can ask questions that are added to the database. Great and inexpensive way to get answers any time of day. Chegg Tutor – Need one-on-one help? Chegg Tutor offers experienced tutors available online 24/7. Pay only for the time you need/use…whether that is 5 minutes or 1 hour. Take your followers to the 30-minute free trial. If you are a content affiliate, shoot me an email to see if you qualify for the lead-generation campaign. Flash Cards – I know this is old school, but flash cards are still a great way to study on the go. Don’t worry about getting any paper cuts. Just use the Flashcards + app by Chegg. This app is free and multi-lingual. Take Note – Taking good notes is the key to optimized studying. Consider writing notes in two columns. The right-hand column is for the notes and the left is for questions related to those notes. Great way to quiz yourself or create flashcards. Join a Study Group – Misery loves company, right? No, that is not what I mean. The accountability and extra brain power make study groups an amazing asset. Always do your homework – Missing assignments, even small ones, have a significant impact on your grade. Additionally, the homework lets you know what you need help on. Talk to Your Teacher – This is an often under-utilized asset for students. Teachers want you to succeed. If you are struggling with a concept, schedule an appointment with your teacher Show up to class. – This may seem like a no-brainer but is often overlooked. Many times, teachers will provide information and even test questions not available in the textbooks. Get plenty of sleep – If you can’t process the information due to exhaustion, it won’t matter how much you study. Getting sleeps keeps you healthy, relaxed and engaged. Prioritize – Make academics a priority over your social life. It will pay off in the long. There is also plenty of time to have a great social life, just avoid staying out late when you have an exam or an early school day Ready to start promoting Chegg? Click here to...

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Affiliate New Year’s Resolution Post

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The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals. – Melody Beattie 41% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st with commitment and desire at full capacity. However, by February only 8% of the people keep their resolution. The following Robbins Interactive affiliate programs make it easy for people to keep their New Year’s Resolution whether it is for a healthier life or better grades, these programs point your followers in the right direction. And if your New Year’s Resolution is to earn more commissions, you are reading the right article.   Au Naturale – Looking to reduce toxins in your everyday routine? The average woman is exposed to 168 chemicals a day from her cosmetics routine. Au Naturale leads the #cleanbeautyrevolution because no one should have to sacrifice her health for beauty. Au Naturale products are high performance, vegan, organic and all-natural. Introducing your followers to Au Naturale isn’t only about reducing chemicals for our followers but also supports the legislation to demand more transparency within the cosmetic and personal care industry. This affiliate program is perfect for beauty bloggers, eco-wellness influencers, and auto-immune niche sites. Click here to learn more details about the Au Naturale Affiliate Program. Healing Natural Oils/ – Following the path of fewer toxins for a New Years Resolution, Healing Natural Oils offers affordable essential oil blends for specific ailments ranging from age spots and skin tags to neck firming oils. With an average price under $25, these oils contain no toxins, additives or fillers and come with a 90-day money back guarantee for consumer confidence. Like Au Naturale, this affiliate program succeeds with health coaches and eco-wellness dedicated to teaching followers how lower chemicals and toxins in his/her body. The program is also great for SEO niche sites. Sign up to become an affiliate here.   TeloYears – Knowledge equals power. This common phrase is the cornerstone of the TeloYears at home, genetic test. TeloYears measures your biological age and compares that age to your chronological age. Rooted in the science of telomeres, TeloYears measures the length of your telomeres to determine your propensity towards many illnesses related to aging such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes or cancer. The good news? You can lengthen your telomeres, and as a result reduce your risks of these diseases, with changes to your diet and lifestyle. TeloYears’ affiliates include health coaches, biohackers, and wellness niche sites. Sign up to become an affiliate here.   Chegg – Are your followers students striving for better grades and staying within tight budget? Chegg is best known for textbook rentals but also has two...

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Shareasale’s Product Discovery Tool Instructions

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This week, Shareasale launched the new affiliate interface. In addition to a more user-friendly interface, the new interface highlights an often overlooked tool, the Product Discovery Tool. This look allows affiliates to browse their merchants sites and create links on the fly. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that. See below for steps on how to download the tool and use it. STEP ONE – Log In Log into Shareasale here      STEP THREE- Download the Bookmarklet This amazing Chrome add-on allows you to easily create links directly to the products you are talking about WITHOUT having to log into your Shareasale. Here is the great news, it is for ALL Shareasale merchants. Click on the Download Bookmarklet icon on the right-hand side of the page. You will see a page from a blue square that says Shareasale Product Discovery Tool. STEP FOUR- Put It On Chrome Drag this box to your bookmark. When it is complete your Bookmark bar will have the Shareasale tool within it.   Now when you go to navigate and find the product you are promoting. Click on the Shareasale Product Discovery Tool. You see several amazing options. Option 1- Easiest Link Access – If you want a quick and short affiliate url, go to the right-hand side and click on the Create button next to the License Plate Link. It is denoted in the picture above with the number 1. A shortened url will appear for you once you click on Create. Copy this url and paste as a hyperlink in your blog post or as a link for your social media shout out. This type of link works great for YouTube, Facebook and on your Instagram profile. #2 and #3 – Get the image and the link. Click on the green arrows (#2) and select the image you would like to display. Click on #3/Click to view and copy HTML. Copy and paste the enter code. It is already highlighted for you and defaults to creative which means image. Click on Raw HTML. Copy this code and paste into your blog post. This is not for social media but for blog posts only. You will want to add via Text option in WordPress. Below is an example of what it will look like. Note, the sizes of the images are displayed on the gallery so be sure to select an image size that works for your blog. Zero Gravity C2P Foundation...

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Au Naturale Selects Robbins Interactive

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Au Naturale, an organic and vegan cosmetic line, selects Robbins Interactive to manage its affiliate program. This addition to the Robbins Interactive client list fits perfectly with its wellness and eco-friendly strategy. We are looking forward to connecting our influencers and affiliates with this amazing brand. Below are just a couple of the reasons we LOVE this brand Brand and Product Details All the Nos are there. It is free of everything we don’t want in our makeup – no parabens, toxins or gluten in any of their high performing products It is vegan. We love working with our passionate, vegan influencers. Knowing that this brand is 100% vegan makes it easier for us to work with these influencers versus only select products being vegan. And of course, it is also cruelty-free. High performance. Everything from the lipsticks to the foundations is nourishing, beautiful and effective. Activism. Au Naturale is passionate about lobbying for proper labeling on all cosmetics. Just the way we like it. We get to run this program with only content and influencer affiliates. This means there is no risk of our affiliates losing commissions to a toolbar or coupon affiliate. Au Naturale Affiliate Program Details 10% commission Aggressive bonus opportunities Converting and fresh creatives Affiliate resource center for brand, product and affiliate marketing instruction No parasite program Dedicated affiliate management team   Ready to sign up? Au Naturale proudly works with the Shareasale network. Click here to sign up. –...

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