Looking for a Back to School Affiliate Program? It may be the beginning of summer, but school is right around the corner! As the new content affiliate manager for the Chegg Affiliate Program, I am already preparing for the season. With special campaign offers for my content and blogger affiliates, you will be ready to maximize this Back to School affiliate program starting in July!

Chegg  is known for its textbook rental services that provides cost savings for college students and their parents with textbook rentals . Did you know that Chegg also offers affordable homework help on the textbooks as well?

Used by over 1 million students, The Chegg Back to School Affiliate Program promotes Chegg Study and Chegg Tutor. Both programs provide expert assistance on specific textbooks with immediate or  a 1-minute turnaround for help. I wish this  service existed when I was a college a student.

It starts with a free trial. Each textbook rental comes with a free trial of Chegg Study or Chegg Tutor. With the  Chegg Back to School Affiliate Porgram, you get a commission on every free trial sign-up in addition to your textbook rental commission.

Now that I have you excited about the Chegg Affiliate Program, click here to sign up or read below on tips to promote.

How To Promote the Chegg Back to School Affiliate Program

  • Social media – The millennial generation is online so you need to be there as well. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are preferred for the younger generation while their parents tend towards LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Ready for Mobile. Keep in mind that your college students will most likely be viewing from a tablet or smartphone. Keep your content short, sweet and mobile friendly.
  • Newsletter – Include a section of your newsletter to promote ways to save money going back to school
  • Blog posts – Provide a detailed post on the benefits of renting textbooks as well as having homework help. Remember USA Today states 1 out of 3 freshmen will drop out of college. Homework and financial help prevents a student from becoming part of that statistic.
  • Podcasts and Webinars. These are great tools for Chegg affiliates. Just be sure, you refer your participants to a landing page so your affiliate link can be used.

If you still have questions or want to brainstorm with me, do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to working with you!


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