Au Naturale Selects Robbins Interactive

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Au Naturale, an organic and vegan cosmetic line, selects Robbins Interactive to manage its affiliate program. This addition to the Robbins Interactive client list fits perfectly with its wellness and eco-friendly strategy. We are looking forward to connecting our influencers and affiliates with this amazing brand. Below are just a couple of the reasons we LOVE this brand Brand and Product Details All the Nos are there. It is free of everything we don’t want in our makeup – no parabens, toxins or gluten in any of their high performing products It is vegan. We love working with our passionate, vegan influencers. Knowing that this brand is 100% vegan makes it easier for us to work with these influencers versus only select products being vegan. And of course, it is also cruelty-free. High performance. Everything from the lipsticks to the foundations is nourishing, beautiful and effective. Activism. Au Naturale is passionate about lobbying for proper labeling on all cosmetics. Just the way we like it. We get to run this program with only content and influencer affiliates. This means there is no risk of our affiliates losing commissions to a toolbar or coupon affiliate. Au Naturale Affiliate Program Details 10% commission Aggressive bonus opportunities Converting and fresh creatives Affiliate resource center for brand, product and affiliate marketing instruction No parasite program Dedicated affiliate management team   Ready to sign up? Au Naturale proudly works with the Shareasale network. Click here to sign up. –...

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Increasing Affiliate Commissions with Facebook Boosts

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You’ve worked hard to develop a Facebook Business Page that is engaging and well followed. However, your engagement seems to be in a slump. Don’t beat yourself up. Most likely it’s the Facebook algorithm bringing you down, not your content. The good news is there is an easy way to get back into your followers’ feed. If you’re serious about earning affiliate income, it’s time to use Facebook Boosts. While boosting posts on Facebook does cost money, this marketing method provides a solid ROI when done correctly. This post walks you through the four steps to creating a profitable Facebook Boost for affiliate marketing. Step One: Write a blog post and/or create a video Your first step is to write a compelling blog post detailing your personal reasons for recommending a particular product or service. Not sure how to write a converting affiliate post? Check out my article on the differences between sponsored posts and affiliate marketing. It has great tips including creating links that convert and finding selling points that compel a follower to click. According to a study by Brightcove, 74 percent of consumers say they can make a direct connection between watching a video on social media and their buying decisions. I highly recommend including video in your blog posts. However, do not boost your video as a stand-alone unless you have an easy to remember landing page, such as, with your affiliate links or a coupon code that also tracks your commissions. If you do decide to include video in your affiliate marketing, remember, most affiliate Facebook boosts work best when the video is embedded in the post. Step Two:  Write Your Status Update Definitely, craft a convincing Facebook status update for the product/service, but keep in mind the most important goal, which is to compel your followers to click through to your blog post. When does it make sense to include your affiliate link directly on your update? When you’re promoting a simple sale such as a lipstick or item of clothing. If your affiliate promotion doesn’t need a lot of convincing, you can include the affiliate link right in your update. For all others, send your followers to your blog post or landing page. Your update should include why you love the product. Your call to action should clearly state why your follower should click versus opening up a new browser window and going directly to the merchant’s domain name. Keep your Facebook update simple, short and direct. Remember your call to action is to send the follower to your blog post with more information. Logical Harmony and Organic Bunny both do a great job of this.     Step Three:  Boost...

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How To Choose An Affiliate Network

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When bringing on a client who is new to affiliate marketing, one of the first steps is to choose an affiliate network to partner with. An affiliate network provides the backend technology to support your affiliate management strategy. The network is responsible for tracking and payment for your affiliates as well as providing tools to build your commission strategy. In addition, the network hosts creatives such as banners and videos as well as providing educational tools to make affiliate marketing accessible. You and your affiliates interact with the network daily so the selection process should be taken seriously. This article serves as a guideline of the five criteria I follow when choosing an affiliate network.   Go Where the Affiliates Are This probably seems obvious but it must be said: select a network that already has your targeted affiliates signed up. Most influencers belong to multiple networks. However, they usually have a favorite. If you have a ‘dream’ affiliate in mind, reach out and ask which are their favorite networks. Most merchants lean towards a one, or at the most two, network strategy. So, how do you find out where your affiliates are? A great place to start is by looking at your competition. Which influencers are representing their products? A word of caution when looking towards your competitors. Since your program may have different strategies for different types of affiliates, you want to ask the network which affiliates perform best in the network and why. If the network’s Best Affiliate Award regularly goes to a toolbar affiliate and toolbar affiliates are not part of your strategy, the network is not the right fit for you. Lastly, don’t simply look for the number of affiliates in the network but find out the quality of those affiliates. What are the network’s vetting processes for affiliate applications? How is fraud handled? Is there an affiliate feedback system in place? Ease of Use My agency, Robbins Interactive, focuses on influencers and other content affiliates. Many affiliates I work with are new to affiliate marketing. As such, a user-friendly affiliate interface is a top priority. I especially look for networks that invest in tools and education that appeal to content affiliates. Below are some of my favorites. Shareasale’s Gift Guide blog posts that appear before the holidays make creating a profitable holiday gift guide a breeze. In addition, their Gift Cards Database makes last-minute holiday posts easy to create.   Avantlink’s SnapVisi was designed with fashion influencers in mind. This fashion blogger tool is invaluable as it allows you to tag multiple items in a single image with affiliate links.   Attribution First, let me define what attribution is. Attribution allows you to...

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Affiliate Marketing For Podcasts

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According to a 2017 report by Edison Research, 65 million Americans listen to podcasts MONTHLY! Of those, 18% say they listen to most, if not all, of an episode. Which means that, not only are they listening, but they are also listening intently. Podcasts represent an amazing, though many times overlooked, opportunity for affiliate marketing. Both advertisers and affiliates alike ponder if those listeners can successfully be converted into buyers. Based on my experience as an affiliate manager, my answer is a resounding yes. Podcast affiliate marketing generates amazing commissions and ROI when used with the following 10 tactics. 10 Tips for Monetizing Podcasts with Affiliate Marketing 1. Don’t count your eggs before they hatch People listen to podcasts for knowledge and value. Be sure to build your audience prior to implementing affiliate marketing campaigns. I recommend a minimum of 20 episodes before testing affiliate marketing. My top performing podcast affiliates have completed 50+ episodes of their show before launching one of our affiliate campaigns. Here are four general tips about how to start your podcast: Be passionate about your subject Be sure you’ve already earned your audiences’ trust through previously shared expertise Invest in a good microphone. A quick way to lose credibility is to have bad sound quality Here is a great article on The Best USB Microphones Do your research and seek out recommendations from the experts. The Podcast Host is a great place for beginners to start. This curated article from The Marketing Experts provides quick tips on everything from creation to rankings to promotion. 2. Know your audience Similar to other affiliate marketing tactics, a niche audience translates to higher conversions for affiliate marketing. It is important to take the time to get to know your audience and what they are interested in. A barometer for interest would be the popularity of specific episodes.  For example, one of my TeloYears affiliates, who is successful with affiliate marketing, saw an interest in at home tests with his audience. It was no surprise then that his subsequent campaign generated sizable commissions for him. 3. Make it personal Do not promote what you have not personally used. Your podcast listeners are there for your advice. A successful podcast affiliate campaign will include personal experience with pros and cons of the product. To further create a connection with your audience, ask your merchant if they are available for an interview on your show. This creates a personal experience between the audience and brand as well. Podcasts generate great exposure for brands so this is a good option for creating evergreen content that will keep generating revenue. 4. Simple Calls to Action 18% of people typically listen to podcasts...

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Influencer or Affiliate Marketing: Should a Business Have to Choose?

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Spoiler Alert:  They don’t HAVE to choose.  A recent online article, published by Entrepreneur, made my blood pressure rise. The author makes a comparison between affiliate and influencer marketing and asks the question, “Which should your company use?” At first glance, I thought the article was click bait. But as it turns out, many companies do feel they need to make a choice between the two. An online marketer recently shared with me that a company shut down their affiliate program to focus on influencer marketing instead. Huh? Why would a company think these two initiatives are so different that they can only use one? The Entrepreneur article, plus that recent experience, led me to write this post. In this article, I address the ‘either or’ mentality. I further explain why affiliate and influencer marketing are compatible and work best when combined. Definitions for Influencer and Affiliate Marketing Let’s begin with basic definitions of each tactic. Per Wikipedia, Influencer Marketing is a form of advertising in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals who have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers. I like to think of influencer marketing as partnering with individuals who have credibility and knowledge that supports your marketing initiatives. Brian Littleton of Shareasale provides my favorite definition of Affiliate Marketing by stating, “affiliate marketing is simply advertising, tied to a performance metric.” In translation, affiliate marketing is a way to compensate influencers for their efforts. As such, it can be influencer marketing tied to a performance metric. The Lines Are Blurred By looking at these definitions, it is clear how the two channels can work together. In fact, the lines between affiliate and influencer marketing are continually blurred. Many influencers approach PR departments requesting to become an affiliate, especially if a flat sponsored rate is not available. Since this winning combination is the core of my business, I am confident it works. Why? Because affiliate marketing is a great way to compensate Influencer Marketing. Yes, I used the C word: compensate. Below are two reasons why a hybrid influencer marketing model of affiliate and influencer marketing benefits both the influencer and the brand. 1. Influencers Should Be Compensated Influencer marketing may be in its infancy but it has evolved beyond the days of running campaigns with free product as the ‘pay’. Yes, you may get a post or a social media shout-out in exchange for a free product, but it is rare to create a profitable campaign without offering compensation. Influencers know their value and the amount of effort it takes to make a campaign successful for a brand. A successful...

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ShiftCon 2018 Speaker Announcement

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I am honored to be selected as a ShiftCon 2018 speaker. Shiftcon is an eco-wellness conference that invites top influencers who focus on green, sustainable and healthy lifestyle options. Three years ago, I attended my first ShiftCon conference and knew immediately I would be returning. The intimate and open environment merges enthusiasm and passion with tactics for action and immense knowledge. ShiftCon connects these influencers with top What is ShiftCon? Three years ago, I attended my first ShiftCon conference and knew immediately I would be returning. This conference merges enthusiasm and passion with tactics for action and immense knowledge. ShiftCon connects influencers with top brands in the industry with intimate networking and incredible sessions. I dare you to attend and not feel a spark of motivation to make a difference in the timely initiative of eco-wellness. My ShiftCon Session I will be speaking in the workshop prior to the actual conference. As the moderator for 5 Ways To Monetize Your Influence, my panelist will answer questions and provide case studies of their success. The panelist of this session include:             Amanda Jo of The Organic Bunny  Amanda covers it all home, lifestyle, nutrition and beauty on her popular blog The Organic Bunny, keeping it real, practical and down to earth.  She also exposes her audience to the truth behind misleading brands, exposing harmful ingredients that could be hiding right under your nose.  Sophisticated and stylish, Amanda definitely knows how to dish on clean living without sacrificing one little bit of luxury.           Nadia Newman of Body Unburdened is a wellness nerd, natural beauty junkie, DIY enthusiast, and certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Nadia recently published her book Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin as well as The Home Detox Guide.                   Carron Coleman, of The Holistic Honey, is a Green Beauty and Wellness Blogger based out of New York City. She created her blog to document her journey toward better health from the inside out. Through her online presence, she provides a healthy dose of inspiration for women to change their health and beauty routine. The session, we will discuss the many ways to monetize your influencer from affiliate marketing to book publication to sponsored events. After this workshop, you will leave with a clear understanding of monetization tactics and strategies that focus on a diverse flow of income. Whether you are a new or seasoned influencer, you will walk away with ideas to implement. See You In California? I hope to see you there and share an organic kombucha cocktail with you! You can purchase tickets by clicking here   And...

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