The Influencer Marketing Checklist For Influencers

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How influencers can select the right partnerships to build their brand and monetize their presence A quick Google search brings up multiple checklists for brands to use when selecting influencers. However, I couldn’t find a single checklist for influencers to use when selecting which brands to work with. I always include this topic in my presentations to influencers whether I am speaking on sponsored posts or affiliate marketing. It is just as, if not more, important for influencers to have clear boundaries when deciding on which brands to work with, as it is for brands to have for selecting influencers. Why Do Influencers Need A Checklist? Your audience is your greatest asset Influencers know this is true. Your audience and engagement are your strongest asset and the things that take the longest to build. They are your pride and joy. And, they are probably the reason you became an influencer in the first place. The Internet provides thousands of items competing for an audiences’ attention. Why risk losing your audience for a short-term gain for funding? Credibility   Pure and simple: without credibility, you will lose your audience. If you are writing about brands that are not in line with your personal mission, your credibility goes out the window. Followers begin to lose trust and wonder what other compromises you are willing to make. What Items Are On An Influencer Checklist? Create your checklist or requirements before responding to any brand opportunities. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of feeling wanted. When developing an influencer checklist, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions: Trust – Do you trust the brand to deliver on their promise? Do you trust your point of contact within the brand to deliver on your contract or commitment? To determine trust, reach out to other influencers who work/have worked with the brand and/or contact and ask about their experience. The Influencer Community is tight knit, especially within individual niches. Use your network and online research to determine the trust factor. If you have concerns, look for another brand. It is not worth the risk to your reputation. Help Your Followers – In other words, will your audience have a problem with recognition or awareness of need based on the product? Does the brand/product make your followers’ lives better? This, of course, varies based on your focus. For instance, if you are a green beauty influencer, promoting a new all-natural foundation will be of tremendous value to your followers. However, if you are a tech influencer…not so much. If you are a travel blogger, perhaps this same foundation has sunscreen in it, which would reduce the need to pack additional bottles....

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AdSense Makes Me Cry: Here Are Three Reasons Why

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Dear bloggers, can you please stop making me cry. Or even whimper a little. Every time I see an AdSense banner on your blog, my heart breaks. Please understand this heartbreak is not based solely on my position as an affiliate manager. It goes much deeper. It is about missed opportunity for these bloggers. I see how hard they work to generate quality content and develop a true following. Why would they underestimate their ability to generate true partnerships and revenue with brands Top 3 Reasons Bloggers Should Ditch Their AdSense Banners 1) To Protect Your Brand Online marketing professionals recognize AdSense in an instant. However, most likely, your followers are not online marketing professionals. Your followers visit your site and see only the ads themselves. It’s not unreasonable for them to make the assumption that the brands in your AdSense widget must have a direct partnership with you and/or that you support those brands. And therein lies the danger! If you have not installed AdSense on your site, think about this: Do you want the ability to hand select brands appearing on your site? Do you want your name to be directly associated with any particular brand? More importantly, do you want control over brands associated with your blog? If you have already installed AdSense, are you happy with the advertisers appearing in your banners? Bloggers can ensure they have control of the advertising by removing (or never installing) AdSense. 2) To Keep The Competition Off Your Website Advertisers buy keywords to determine relevant sites for their AdSense banner placements. Many times those keywords are tied to their competitors. Not sure where the danger is here? Consider the following scenario: A blogger negotiates a sponsored post and develops a great brand story using brand supplied verbiage and keywords. Then, they get a call from the brand rep complaining about the appearance of a competitors’ ad. How does this happen? The AdSense keyword phrases selected for the sponsored post triggered AdSense to place the competing brand’s banner on the site. This prime example illustrates how AdSense can hinder your larger marketing initiatives. Yes, bloggers can blacklist certain URL’s but this is time consuming and often ineffective. 3) To Make Actual Money No one gets rich using AdSense. Sure, AdSense is easy to implement but have you ever heard anyone say, “I make my living from my AdSense banners?” Probably not. Why? The conversions are low and so are the payouts. Have I convinced you to ditch your AdSense banners? If so, here are three great alternatives: Affiliate marketing. (You had to see that coming, right? Click here to see my current programs) Paid Advertising. Also known as paid placement where brands...

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Maximizing YouTube Videos for Affiliate Marketing

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YouTube videos for affiliate marketing generate increased conversions and user engagement! I have seen affiliates increase their sales by 30% with the addition of a quality YouTube video and channel. This includes increased conversions for embedded videos within the site as well as increased traffic resulting from higher search engine placement within Google. Yet, I am amazed at how few affiliates take advantage of this channel as part of their affiliate marketing strategy. Last week, I attended a “Tricks Most People Don’t Do On YouTube” workshop at my co-working space, Hera Hub.  Christina Fleming, of Murasaki Media (), led an engaging hour on how to optimize YouTube videos. I furiously took notes as I immediately saw the benefits for my affiliates. 10 Optimization Tips for YouTube Videos for Affiliate Marketing Engage With Titles. Take the time and thought with your YouTube titles as you do your blog posts. Titles determine clicks and views. Your titles should be content specific. Powerful titles include the following phrases: How To – an example would be “How to optimize your YouTube Videos for Affiliate Marketing” versus Affiliate Program Overview. Advice – “Advice For Optimizing Your YouTube Videos for Affiliate Marketing” Learn about – “Learn about Optimizing your YouTube Videos for Affiliate Marketing” Tell Me About Yourself. The description box is essential for search engine results as well as desired call to actions. Include: Reason to watch the video or read more in first three sentences that the user. This information is visible without having to click ‘More’ Keyword word phrases. Unlike your blog post, keyword placement is not essential for ranking Links to your website. This is great for SEO and serves as a call to action Considering pasting in your entire script for SEO purposes Close Caption For The Search Engines. By including your script in the Subtitles and CC setting, you increase your search engine rankings. Do not select automatic for this option as the search engines do not recognize automatically generated subtitles. Get Custom. Take advantage of the real estate YouTube provides you to enhance your brand. You can do this by selecting Edit on your YouTube home page. Create a custom header Choose your highlighted video carefully. It serves as an introduction to new followers. Create custom playlists, these work similar to a Blog Category. For instance, I might have a Playlist on Shareasale Tools For Affiliate Marketers Thumbnails Make An Impression. Instead of giving a random still shot selected by YouTube the prime real estate of your video, upload your own thumbnail. You can upload your thumbnail under Channel Setting and clicking on the Verify button Make it “Pinterest” pretty using Photoshop or tools like Picmonkey Include the title...

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