ShiftCon 2018 Speaker Announcement

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I am honored to be selected as a ShiftCon 2018 speaker. Shiftcon is an eco-wellness conference that invites top influencers who focus on green, sustainable and healthy lifestyle options. Three years ago, I attended my first ShiftCon conference and knew immediately I would be returning. The intimate and open environment merges enthusiasm and passion with tactics for action and immense knowledge. ShiftCon connects these influencers with top What is ShiftCon? Three years ago, I attended my first ShiftCon conference and knew immediately I would be returning. This conference merges enthusiasm and passion with tactics for action and immense knowledge. ShiftCon connects influencers with top brands in the industry with intimate networking and incredible sessions. I dare you to attend and not feel a spark of motivation to make a difference in the timely initiative of eco-wellness. My ShiftCon Session I will be speaking in the workshop prior to the actual conference. As the moderator for 5 Ways To Monetize Your Influence, my panelist will answer questions and provide case studies of their success. The panelist of this session include:             Amanda Jo of The Organic Bunny  Amanda covers it all home, lifestyle, nutrition and beauty on her popular blog The Organic Bunny, keeping it real, practical and down to earth.  She also exposes her audience to the truth behind misleading brands, exposing harmful ingredients that could be hiding right under your nose.  Sophisticated and stylish, Amanda definitely knows how to dish on clean living without sacrificing one little bit of luxury.           Nadia Newman of Body Unburdened is a wellness nerd, natural beauty junkie, DIY enthusiast, and certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Nadia recently published her book Glow: The Nutritional Approach to Naturally Gorgeous Skin as well as The Home Detox Guide.                   Carron Coleman, of The Holistic Honey, is a Green Beauty and Wellness Blogger based out of New York City. She created her blog to document her journey toward better health from the inside out. Through her online presence, she provides a healthy dose of inspiration for women to change their health and beauty routine. The session, we will discuss the many ways to monetize your influencer from affiliate marketing to book publication to sponsored events. After this workshop, you will leave with a clear understanding of monetization tactics and strategies that focus on a diverse flow of income. Whether you are a new or seasoned influencer, you will walk away with ideas to implement. See You In California? I hope to see you there and share an organic kombucha cocktail with you! You can purchase tickets by clicking here   And...

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How To Win the Affiliate Battle Against Amazon

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With recent commission reductions for Amazon Affiliates, many influencers are seeing the advantages of direct brand relationships. In addition to higher commissions, a direct brand relationship functions as a true partnership with benefits including an advanced notice ofreui promotions and new products, product samples and aggressive campaign contracts. However, while influencers are seeing the benefits, the fear they share with me is that their followers will not. Amazon lures their audience away with fast, free shipping and the convenience of 1-Click® purchasing. As a confessed Amazon Prime addict, I totally get the appeal. In this post, I will illustrate how influencers can overcome the Amazon temptation leading to higher commissions and solid brand relationships. Give Your Followers A Solid Why Don’t assume merely including an affiliate link in a post means people will click on it. Give your followers a solid reason why they should click the link. Your call to action should be powerful no matter what site you are linking to. Here are six solid ‘whys’ to get your audience using your affiliate links. Loyalty Programs. Loyalty program isn’t just for coffee shops and juice bars. Most merchants offer a loyalty program for shopping directly with their brand. The reality? They are in the same boat as affiliates…trying to get customers to buy directly versus Amazon. Loyalty program rewards can include free gear as well as other benefits like free shipping and first dibs on new product. Gift with Purchase. Is your merchant offering something not available on Amazon? It could be samples, free product or ‘cash’ toward a future purchase. Make sure your followers know all they will get outside of the products you are promoting. Free Shipping. Most brands offer free shipping either for a minimum purchase or on all orders. Be sure to let your followers know this so they don’t automatically assume they need an Amazon Prime membership to get it shipped for free. Support me. Be honest and upfront with your audience that link you use may be part of an affiliate program and that the commission earned helps offset costs associated with your online presence. The most direct way to do this is with an FTC disclosure statement: like this one, Jules, one of my affiliates, uses on her blog, Om & The City: “Note: This post was sponsored by 100% Pure. All thoughts and opinions are completely (and always will be) my own. I receive a commission if you purchase products from the links in this post. The commissions are used to keep my blog running and to provide you with awesome content that I strongly believe in. Thank you for your continued support! x Jules” Of course, you should...

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Top Affiliate Programs for Health Coaches

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There is a definite health revolution happening in the United States and around the world. Health coaches are on the front lines giving their clients the knowledge and motivation to make positive lifestyle changes and take control of their health. We need more tools that will allow health coaches and wellness sites to both continue to spread the word and make a living while doing so. This post offers several affiliate programs to help subsidize costs so wellness leaders can continue to connect and educate. You can also engage with other health coaches on the Health and Wellness Affiliate Facebook group.   Top Health Coach Affiliate Programs For Measuring Success Teloyears* Co-founded by a Nobel Peace Prize winner for her work in telomeres, TeloYears provides a person with their cellular age versus their biological age using an easy at-home genetic test. Over 20,000 scientific studies show a correlation between a person’s telomere length and their projected longevity as well as a propensity to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and others. The great news? People can change their telomere length through diet and lifestyle. Health coaches can use this test to motivate and track change with program implementation. Affiliates can roll the costs of the test into their overall program costs and then, in turn, provide a gift card to clients. The tests cost $89 plus shipping and handling. Affiliates receive a $12 commission for each single test and $18 for the Test Now and Later set.  Learn more at the TeloYears Affiliate Resource Center. This program is managed by Robbins Interactive. 23 and Me Another popular and informative at home genetic test, 23andMe helps people understand what their DNA says about their health, traits, and ancestry through detailed reports, tools and more. More than one million people have received their DNA results using 23andMe’s home-based saliva collection kit. The commission is $10 per health and ancestry kit. The CJ network manages this program. Please note: I have a personal connection to the affiliate management team for this program. This program works with coupon affiliates so be sure your commissions will be protected through advanced attribution such as Leap Frog. Leap Frog commissions allow the top-of-funnel influencer to receive the partial or full commission. Click here to sign up for the 23andMe Affiliate Program.   Top Health Coach Affiliate Programs For Healthy Eating Thrive Market Recommending a paleo, Mediterranean or whole foods diet? Thrive Market is a great place to send clients to get started on cleaning eating and stock up on pantry staples. An annual membership of $59.95 gives your clients access to the best prices on everything from coconut oil and ancient grains to gluten free goodness. As...

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There Is No Formula For Influencer Marketing

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Recently, a client asked me to create and provide a plan for recruiting top influencers. He requested a formula where the number of followers and comments an influencer had equaled success. I will confess, I giggled slightly at his request. My job would certainly be a lot easier if there was such a formula but unfortunately, there is not. A human touch is required for true success. Below are five reasons why there is no black and white formula for recruiting and activating influencers. Engagement Versus Followers When reviewing potential influencers, it is important to review engagement over followers. Not only can followers be purchased, but smaller (or micro) influencers often have stronger engagement and authority with their followers than someone who has a large following. A successful influencer campaign is one where the audience trusts the influencer. True relationships cannot be faked. See my post on the power of niche influencers here. Authenticity Versus Clicks Beyond looking at ‘likes’ and comments, affiliate managers need to analyze the authenticity of the engagement. Bloggers have created private Facebook groups with the sole purpose of requiring its members to leave comments and likes each other’s posts. The rules of these groups are strict: like and comment on a specific number of posts per day or risk removal from the group. These posts are easily recognizable because the comments are often generic and superficial along the lines of, “great post,” or a single thumbs up emoji. When you see that type of engagement on a single post, it’s likely the work of one of these comment pods. Pretty Pictures Versus Recommendations  As a brand, you want to ensure that posts made on your behalf are encouraging your desired call to action. An attractive picture that yields only comments and ‘likes’ is not a solid CTA unless, of course, the goal of the campaign is focused on images and branding. I structure my campaigns so the call to action results in a completed sale. For my affiliates, an attractive picture used without persuasive content will not be considered a successful campaign. Sales Versus Engagement When I review an influencer, I look at their other brand campaigns to ensure they are getting equal engagement compared to personal quotes, pictures and images. Many times, there is great authentic engagement on personal images and stories but significantly less on brand sponsored posts. It’s important to choose an influencer who can sell as well as engage. Niche Versus General The more your influencer knows about your specific niche the greater the engagement. While there can be a formula to find a niche, it goes beyond the numbers or keyword search. Is the influencer a perceived expert in...

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The Influencer Marketing Checklist For Influencers

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How influencers can select the right partnerships to build their brand and monetize their presence A quick Google search brings up multiple checklists for brands to use when selecting influencers. However, I couldn’t find a single checklist for influencers to use when selecting which brands to work with. I always include this topic in my presentations to influencers whether I am speaking on sponsored posts or affiliate marketing. It is just as, if not more, important for influencers to have clear boundaries when deciding on which brands to work with, as it is for brands to have for selecting influencers. Why Do Influencers Need A Checklist? Your audience is your greatest asset Influencers know this is true. Your audience and engagement are your strongest asset and the things that take the longest to build. They are your pride and joy. And, they are probably the reason you became an influencer in the first place. The Internet provides thousands of items competing for an audiences’ attention. Why risk losing your audience for a short-term gain for funding? Credibility   Pure and simple: without credibility, you will lose your audience. If you are writing about brands that are not in line with your personal mission, your credibility goes out the window. Followers begin to lose trust and wonder what other compromises you are willing to make. What Items Are On An Influencer Checklist? Create your checklist or requirements before responding to any brand opportunities. It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of feeling wanted. When developing an influencer checklist, I recommend you ask yourself the following questions: Trust – Do you trust the brand to deliver on their promise? Do you trust your point of contact within the brand to deliver on your contract or commitment? To determine trust, reach out to other influencers who work/have worked with the brand and/or contact and ask about their experience. The Influencer Community is tight knit, especially within individual niches. Use your network and online research to determine the trust factor. If you have concerns, look for another brand. It is not worth the risk to your reputation. Help Your Followers – In other words, will your audience have a problem with recognition or awareness of need based on the product? Does the brand/product make your followers’ lives better? This, of course, varies based on your focus. For instance, if you are a green beauty influencer, promoting a new all-natural foundation will be of tremendous value to your followers. However, if you are a tech influencer…not so much. If you are a travel blogger, perhaps this same foundation has sunscreen in it, which would reduce the need to pack additional bottles....

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Attn SEO Affiliates: Top Reasons For Natural Health Affiliate Programs

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The affiliate marketing industry is buzzing about bloggers and social media pros used as influencers. While that strategy is effective, many marketers leave the power of the SEO niche affiliate out of their strategy. A highly optimized website targeting specific audiences generates amazing passive income without relying on Facebook algorithms and audiences. If you are researching a niche, look no further than the natural health. The industry is booming and ripe for affiliate marketing success. Before we get started on the benefits of natural health affiliates, lets firm up the definition. Wikipedia defines natural health as an umbrella term to include vitamins and minerals, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies and other alternative/non-traditional medicines. Now that we know what product categories natural health affiliates might include, lets look at why the niche is good for affiliate marketing. Top 4 Reasons To Promote Natural Health Affiliate Programs One of the Fastest Growing Niches. The wellness industry is a $3 trillion plus business with natural solutions taking the lead. Consumers want products made with more natural ingredients and they are willing to pay more for them. They are also willing to take chances on lesser-known brands because this industry is still relatively ‘new.’ At least new in a capitalistic kind of way. Consumers Are Familiar and Love It. According to NBC News; the National Center for Health Statistics reported that, in 2012, 59 million Americans relied on some form of alternative or complementary treatment. Now that is a large target audience! With companies like Young Living Oils and DoTerra reaching living rooms around the country through a mom focused multi-level marketing strategy, consumers see natural products as a viable and effective solution to health issues. They Need It and They Need It Now. We know that one of the first rules of marketing is finding the consumers’ pain point and solving it. Well, with natural health niches, the pain is real and so is your solution. This makes for great conversions. Long Tail Keyword Searches Abound. With natural health affiliate programs, like Healing Natural Oils, there are unlimited long tail optimization opportunities for very specific ailments. The symptom might not always be the sexiest topic, but it is in demand. In addition, marketers can feel great about recommending products that not only work, but also are free of chemicals and toxins. You Get to Work With Me. Ok, I know that came off a little on the ‘cheesy’ side but let me explain. I run the Healing Natural Oils ( affiliate program which is made up of 100% content affiliates. This means affiliates will never have a sale stolen by a coupon or loyalty site. In addition, I work hard to ensure you...

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