Micro and Mega Influencers: A Question of Value

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This post was originally published on the Influencer Marketing Days Blog. In the past year, one of the most popular buzzwords used in marketing meetings everywhere has been ‘influencer.’ Companies large and small are hoping to harness the power of individuals to impact consumers’ buying decisions. Brands recognize the importance of working with influencers with a range of audience sizes. There are mega influencers, like Kim Kardashian, who have larger than life personalities and the follower count to match; to micro influencers, like the hyper local lifestyle blogger, who can engage and garner high levels of trust because their message reads like one of a close friend. And while debates continue over which level of influencer provides the greatest value to a brand, I will continue creating campaigns that integrate the potential of both levels. This post is a case study illustrating the leverage and difference between two influencers. First, we need to define mega and micro influencer. I work with small to medium size companies so my numbers may differ from the larger Fortune 500 brands. However, it is best to establish some metrics so we are on the same page. Mega Influencer Followers over 100,000 on and/or offline Aspirational to followers Can be niche or lifestyle focused Unable to respond individually to all followers due to larger numbers Produces significant social media engagement such as Likes, Views, Shares and Comments Micro Influencer Sweet spot of between 1,000-10,000 followers Create related micro-moments that their followers find inspirational but also attainable More responsive to followers due to smaller numbers Smaller numbers of Likes, Shares and Comments in quantity but higher in ratio Case Study: A Tale of Two Influencers I recently ran a campaign for a company that sells all-natural and vegan cosmetics and skincare lines. The campaign focused on the launch of a new cosmetic product. Campaign Objectives Increase revenue for online store Increase awareness about the new product and its benefits General brand awareness Campaign Details Influencers received product in advance to review and photograph Facebook boost budget provided by brand Required a blog post, Facebook and Instagram post (for this campaign no video, Live or otherwise was used) Hybrid compensation based on shared revenue and fixed fees Tracking provided by social media metrics (Likes, Shares and Comments) as well as coupon codes, affiliate tracking links and custom and unique landing pages   Introducing The Influencers Mega Influencer Vegan and all natural niche Solid knowledge in cosmetics and skincare Over 600,000 followers on Instagram Over 24,00 followers on Facebook 300+engagement on all posts Provides high quality images and content, professional influencer Well respected by brands and niche community Experienced in both sponsored and performance based campaigns Micro...

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Why Successful Influencers Go With Evergreen

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How Top Influencers Stay at the Top With Google! Want to know how certain influencers stick around and continuously grow their traffic. I brought in Adam Riemer of Adam Riemer Marketing to share his SEO knowledge for this guest blog post. Sponsorships are awesome, you get a quick sum of money and cover a bill.  If they allow you to use affiliate links, then you may earn a couple of commissions too.  Bonus!  But then your revenue is done and you have to wait or hope for the next.  That’s why many influencers fail. It only takes an algorithm update, a network change or something out of your control and your entire income is gone.  But don’t worry, the strategy below will help you to do three things. Create evergreen content Build an evergrowing audience Develop a passive stream of reliable revenue The first step when creating evergreen content is to think about the use of a product.  A lot of times you’ll get a piece of clothing or makeup and style yourself with it.  You talk about the line and the brand and show how cool it is.  That’s a one off that leaves you without money.  The same could be said for powertools, cooking utensils or even a mattress or couch. Ask yourself these 5 questions before you begin building content: Why would someone be looking for this? What questions will they have about it? Are there other uses for it? Where can they buy it? How can they get more information from you?   Why would someone be looking for this? A brand is sponsoring you to sell their products.  They have a product or service because there is supposed to be a need or you are supposed to create one.  Think of at least 6 or 7 reasons someone will be looking for this specific product or need. It could be a gift item for a hard to find person.  They may need a hypo-allergenic solution or an alternate product for someone who is disabled.  Maybe there is something wrong and they need to fix something from a hole in a shirt to a broken appliance in their home.  Create this list first. What questions will they have about it? Line up each of the reasons from above and now try to figure out what they need to know with the product.  It could be anything from if it is the right size to the right color, if it is durable, whether it works for their situation, under specific temperatures, if it’s safe for all ages or who to avoid letting use it.  Add these to each of the reasons and now you’re ready to begin....

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Hidden Commissions – Tier Two Affiliate Programs

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Did you know as an affiliate you can make passive income by referring successful affiliates to programs you are in? I am always amazed how many affiliates, specifically influencers, don’t take advantage of this revenue stream. What is a two tier affiliate program? The merchant provides an on-going and/or flat fee for recruiting a new affiliate to the program.  The commission is either a flat fee when the affiliate signs up via your two-tier link or an ongoing commission based on your referred affiliate’s commission. How does it work? As with all things affiliate, it starts with a link from your affiliate network. You grab the affiliate code for the Two-Tier sign up. This is essential because it tags your referred affiliate to you. Once the affiliate is assigned to you, you automatically receive a commission based on your referred affiliates commission. Please note, the new affiliate always gets the same commission. It is not less due to being part of a two tier program. Why would a merchant have a two tier affiliate program? Great way to expand their program with new affiliates. Why does an affiliate want to participate in a two tier program? Passive income stream…need I say more., How do you know if a merchant has a two tier program? When signing up for a merchant program, it will be in the Details section if it is two-tier. In Shareasale, it is a mountain icon Sometimes, two-tier links are only provided privately. If you don’t see a referral link, be sure to ask your affiliate manager. Which Programs Have Two-Tier Affiliate Programs? Robbins Interactive has the following merchant programs that participate in Two Tier Affiliate Programs. Sign up, become a revenue producing affiliate. Request a two-tier affiliate link from a Robbins Interactive manager. Natural Healing Oils/Amoils 100% Pure Cosmetics and Skin Care – must request privately Cleatskins– must request privately   Other merchant programs with great managers who have two-tier programs Flirty Aprons Snake River Farms com...

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Cleatskins For the Holidays

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Looking to promote the perfect gift for the athlete in your life? Whether you have a golfer, wrestler or soccer player, Cleatskins is an unique and practical gift sure to make your special athlete smile. What is Cleatskins? Cleatskins covers all cleated shoes and wrestling shoes. Wait, wrestling shoes don’t have cleats? We know silly! However, it is really important to keep the bottom of wrestling shoes clean so germs don’t get brought onto the wrestling mats and spread disease. And those cleated shoes, Cleatskins keeps from tracking dirt, protects the cleats for high performance and makes them slip proof. Pretty sweet for prices as low as $17.95.   Here is a short video to explain how Cleatskins works. How do I promote Cleatskins? First you need to be an affiliate. You can sign up Shareasale Next contact me to get a pair of Cleatskins to test out if you haven’t done so Then write your experience in a blog post or on your website Shout it out to the world on Snapchat, Facebook, Facebook Live, Instagram, etc And since it is the season for coupon codes, use the code Turkey from 11/23-11/29 to increase your conversions Compensation $5 per pair of Cleatskins you sell One time $25 bonus when you reach 5 sales by December...

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Key Takeaways From Influencer Marketing Days Conference

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  This week. I had the privilege to attend and speak at the first conference focused on influencer marketing, Influencer Marketing Days  Having an early appreciation for this growing channel, I looked forward to honing my skills and sharing my knowledge. Throughout the conference, I had many “ah ha” moments and several affirmations that Robbins Interactive is heading in the right direction with its focus on influence marketing and affiliate marketing. Here are some of my key takeaways from this two-day conference. Micro-Influencers Rule Many people think of celebrities with regards to influencer marketing. However, the rise of the powerful small to medium size influencers is where the power and ROI resides. Every presentation mentioned the importance of working with the ‘power middle’ and micro influencers versus focusing efforts and budgets on mega-influencers. First here are the definitions of these new buzzwords. Mega Influencers – often traditional celebrities like actors and actresses but also Internet born celebrities. Maintains a 1 million plus followers. Power Middle  – the sweet spot for many brands, these influencers maintain 10,000+ followers. They typically work within larger niches such as parenting, health and fitness. Micro Influencers = these powerful, smaller influencers average followers between 1000-9000. They are highly engaged with their manageable audience and typically passionate about a specific/smaller niche and topic. Instead of health, think paleo or vegan. In my own campaigns, I noticed the trend of smaller, more niche influencers driving larger sales and engagement for my clients. It is both gratifying and comforting to have this observation confirmed again and again with real data and campaigns outside of my own. Here are the top reasons micro influencers should be your priority for 2017. As more brands ramp up their influencer marketing efforts, the smaller numbers of mega-influencers will be tapped out. Working with micro influencers will be both more affordable and available. Smaller influencers can manage and therefore engage with their followers more actively. These influencers tend to be more knowledge therefore gaining greater credibility from the consumer. Followers of these influencers are more likely to create their own conversations around the campaign, therefore building a closer relationship with the brand. Preparation Is Key Brands must prepare prior to initiating a campaign. Below are tasks that should be identified before any campaign or outreach begins. Influencer Score Card – Rate the 5 Rs of an influencer – reach, resonance, relevance, reputation, and ROI potential. Tracking Methods and Tools – Be prepared to have the correct tracking tools and instructions to insert those tools. Campaign Assets and Direction – The campaign should be led by the brand but not micro managed. The brand needs to optimize the campaign for one objective, provide detailed...

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The Power Of Healing Oils Is Now Mainstream

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There was a time when the mention of essential oils and alternative remedies conjured up visions or tie-dye shirts, crystals, shamans and bell bottoms. Those days are far in the past. The essential oil business has become a $1.2 billion business* with those numbers increasing regularly. Why the increase in popularity and what are consumers looking for? Science supports the effectiveness in oils. There have been well over a dozen studies illustrating positive results* Research on the side effects of toxins is now widespread People are looking for alternative solutions. Oils provide results and are safe Companies with experience in creating oils and a brand s/he can trust Simple solutions for everyday problems   Healing Natural Oils/Amoils delivers on all fronts and at an affordable cost. Amoils has been providing cost effective and complete remedies since 2001. No need to purchase several expensive bottles of individual oils for one blend. With a 90-day money back guarantee, Amoils stands behind its products. As do its customers who consistently give Amoils a 4.5 Star rating through a 3rd party review company. Amoils blends are 100% pure, with no fillers. Their oils are also manufactured in the United States to ensure quality control. Pre-blended oils take the guess work and expensive out of specific ailment solutions.   Do you have followers who would appreciate the value and quality of Healing Natural Oils? Not sure how to get started? Shoot me an email at affmanager@amoils.com to schedule a call or visit the Amoils Affiliate Resource Center for more information....

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