2018 is right around the corner and resolutions are starting to form. And while only a small percentage of people keep their resolutions, you can make the difference in helping a student reach his/her goal. Below are ideas for keeping the Raise My GPA resolution intact through graduation. Feel free to copy any of these tips or modify to make your own for a top converting Chegg affiliate post.


Top 10 Ways To Increases Your GPA

  1. Chegg Study – access to an extensive knowledge based on existing textbooks. Students also can ask questions that are added to the database. Great and inexpensive way to get answers any time of day.
  2. Chegg Tutor – Need one-on-one help? Chegg Tutor offers experienced tutors available online 24/7. Pay only for the time you need/use…whether that is 5 minutes or 1 hour. Take your followers to the 30-minute free trial. If you are a content affiliate, shoot me an email to see if you qualify for the lead-generation campaign.
  3. Flash Cards – I know this is old school, but flash cards are still a great way to study on the go. Don’t worry about getting any paper cuts. Just use the Flashcards + app by Chegg. This app is free and multi-lingual.
  4. Take Note – Taking good notes is the key to optimized studying. Consider writing notes in two columns. The right-hand column is for the notes and the left is for questions related to those notes. Great way to quiz yourself or create flashcards.
  5. Join a Study Group – Misery loves company, right? No, that is not what I mean. The accountability and extra brain power make study groups an amazing asset.
  6. Always do your homework – Missing assignments, even small ones, have a significant impact on your grade. Additionally, the homework lets you know what you need help on.
  7. Talk to Your Teacher – This is an often under-utilized asset for students. Teachers want you to succeed. If you are struggling with a concept, schedule an appointment with your teacher
  8. Show up to class. – This may seem like a no-brainer but is often overlooked. Many times, teachers will provide information and even test questions not available in the textbooks.
  9. Get plenty of sleep – If you can’t process the information due to exhaustion, it won’t matter how much you study. Getting sleeps keeps you healthy, relaxed and engaged.
  10. Prioritize – Make academics a priority over your social life. It will pay off in the long. There is also plenty of time to have a great social life, just avoid staying out late when you have an exam or an early school day

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