Getting Started With Chegg

Congratulations on signing up with the Chegg Affiliate Program. Now it is time to get started on earning that additional revenue stream. Below is a video and step by step directions on how to log into your Chegg Affiliate Center and grab your first set of links. If you still need help, do not hesitate to reach out to me here. If you are not a Chegg affiliate yet? You can sign up here.

Step By Step Instructions

1) Log into your Chegg Affiliate Center

2) Click on My Offers

Chegg Affiliate Program

3) Select the campaign you would like a link from. Click on the hyperlinked text name of the campaign

4) Select your creative. You can choose from a text link (great for email, social media or a blog post), a search box (textbook rental only) or a banner (perfect asĀ supporting image for a blog)

5) Next you will see two options. Option one is to grab the text link in the second column and hyperlink within your promotional materials. Option 2 is to click on Get Code which will provide you with the HTML code.

Chegg Affiliate Program

6) Insert code into your promotional materials





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