Grokker Affiliate Program

Grokker Affiliate Program

Brand Overview

Grokker inspires, motivates and challenges its members to become a better version of his/herself. How? Grokker makes yoga, fitness and cooking classes accessible through top experts and high-quality videos available on their tv, tablet, laptop and more.


Currently, Grokker remains unique in its ability to provide the resources for all three tenets of wellness: diet, exercise and mental health. This uniqueness and its user-friendly interface along with a  wide range of videos makes the Grokker Affiliate Program  primed for affiliate marketing success.


Product Benefits

  •         Top experts in the field of yoga, fitness and culinary arts
  •         Available 24/7 therefore working with even the busiest person’s schedule
  •         Quality videos for a positive user experience
  •         Available on multiple platforms from desktops, tablets, television, Apple TV and more
  •         Location agnostic. Using business travel as an excuse to break your fitness routine?  Sorry, we have that one covered.
  •         Instructions for all skill levels

Grokker Affiliate Program Details

  •         $1.50 for each free membership sign up with conversions up to 30% on qualified traffic
  •         An additional $15 if free membership is upgraded to a monthly membership. $50 for each upgraded annual membership within 30 days
  •         Conversion rates between 3-30% depending on the quality of the traffic
  •         30 day cookie. Typical conversion time is one week
  •         Dedicated affiliate manager
  •         Data feed
  •         Large selection of creative
  •         Part of the Shareasale network

Ideal Grokker Affiliate

  •         Lifestyle affiliate including but not exclusive to parenting, midlife and millennial blogs
  •         Fitness sites
  •         Diet/weight control sites
  •         Alternative and traditional health sites
  •         Foodie or recipe sites


Sample Creatives 

Grokker Affiliate Program Yoga Banner 300x250-SHAREASALE

Grokker Affiliate Program Cooking Banner

Grokker Affiliate Program Yoga Banner Long

Ready to join the Grokker Affiliate Program?  Sign up on Shareasale by clicking on this link. It is free and easy to use.

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