Affiliates talk. We listen. Healing Natural Oils launched a new look on  The site features a fresh look that supporting banners compliment.  Leading the new look is a logo that keeps with the natural theme but brings with a modern feel.

The site also features a new user interface beginning with the home page’s Select a Condition pull down menu for easy navigation. Of course, our money back guarantee and commitment to natural ingredients remain in the forefront.

How The New Site Helps Affiliates

Existing Links Work. The nomenclature was not changed so all your links and the data feed remain intact.

Social Credibility. Social credibility statements takes center stage on the detailed product pages for increased conversions.

Confidence Building. The crisp look and feel brings confidence to the product and company as a whole.

Higher Conversions. Soon after site launch, the conversion rates increased.

Ready For Mobile. The new responsive design makes the site user-friendly on smartphones and tablets.

New Products. The new site also showcases new products like H-Beard Oil and essential oils such a Tea Tree and Lemon.

Be sure to grab your new banners on your Shareasale portal. Below are some samples for you.

































Check out the site and let us know what you think. Not signed up with the Healing Natural Oils Affiliate Program? Learn more here

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