TeloYear Affiliate Program

Curious to know how you or your followers are aging?

TeloYears is an at-home genetic test that measures a person’s telomere length. Telomere length has been scientifically linked to longevity and disease risks. Your TeloYears test results reveal what your cellular or biological age is compared to chronological age. Sometimes the results are an affirmation of existing and other times well it is a great motivation. The great news is if the person is not happy with the results, telomere length can positively change with lifestyle and diet changes.

Ideal affiliates

  • Health coaches
  • Wellness influencers
  • Biohackers
  • Niche wellness content affiliates

Program details

  • $12 commission for each order
  • Parasite free
  • Dedicated affiliate team with Robbins Interactive
  • Comprehensive resource center
  • Proudly partnered with the Shareasale network
  • To sign up, click here

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