Top Ways to Promote Chegg Affiliate Program

The Chegg Affiliate Program boosts a solid conversion rate and aggressive commissions. Whether you are promoting Chegg’s textbook rental service or their popular online tutoring service, below are profitable ways to promote the Chegg Affiliate Program


Blog Post

A blog post serves as a solid foundation for  your promotions. Your post allows you to communicate your personal connection with Chegg along with the benefits of the product. Tips for creating a high converting post are:

  • Optimize for future search rankings with your target audience in mind. Ask yourself important questions like:
    • How would a parent search for this material?
    • At what stage of the college process does the parent start looking for this type of information?
    • What would make a student search for this information.
    • Create your keywords based on the answers to the questions.
  • Include both text and banner links for your post.
  • Have a solid call to action. Do not be subtle here but rather use words such as ‘click on this link to support this site’ or ‘click here to get started’


While some folks may proclaim email is dead,this is far from the case. A targeted email from a trusted source is always a high convertor for affiliate sales. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Short and unique subject line
  • Keep your email brief and to the point
  • Provide a link for more information
  • Have a clear and relevant call to action

Great examples of successful email strategies for the Chegg Affiliate Program include:

  • College coaches emailing previous clients and/or clients’ parents at the start of the collegiate school year
  • Emails to students at the beginning of a new semester
  • General “tips for saving money at college” emails that includes Chegg as an offer
  • Email to students and parents one or months into the semester promoting Chegg’s online tutoring services

With all affiliate blog posts, be sure to include a Disclosure Statement.


If you have an active Facebook page, Facebook provides great conversions for Chegg. Ensure your post is engaging and has a strong call to action. Below are ways to ensure your Facebook post is successful:

  • Create an image of use one of Chegg’s banners
  • Provide a link on your website (ie a blog post) with more detailed information for those that need it.
  • Have a direct call to action
  • Use a service like Pretty Link or TinyURL so your affiliate link doesn’t look like spam
  • Include a disclosure hashtag such as #ad
  • Have a balance of engaging non-promotional content and promotions


Facebook groups are also a great tool for affiliate marketing. Facebook groups reach personal feeds without advertising and promote engagement.  You could create a Facebook Study Group or Facebook College Parent Survival Group.



Twitter is a great network for affiliate links. Once again, be sure to use an URL shortener and the hashtag #ad.

To attract new followers and consumers, follow relevant hashtags and promote Chegg accordingly. Relevant and common hashtags for college students include:







I hope you find these tips useful.  If you still aren’t sure how to promote Chegg, do not hesitate to reach out to me here

Not sure how to grab links? I have step by step instructions and a video for you here.

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