Cleatskins For the Holidays

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Looking to promote the perfect gift for the athlete in your life? Whether you have a golfer, wrestler or soccer player, Cleatskins is an unique and practical gift sure to make your special athlete smile. What is Cleatskins? Cleatskins covers all cleated shoes and wrestling shoes. Wait, wrestling shoes don’t have cleats? We know silly! However, it is really important to keep the bottom of wrestling shoes clean so germs don’t get...

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Key Differences Between Affiliate Posts and Sponsored Posts

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Influencers are quickly learning and maximizing their earning potential with a variety of revenue channels. Successful influencers diversify with monetization models that include a mix of sponsored posts, advertising, speaking engagements and affiliate marketing. As an affiliate manager, I have been pleasantly surprised to see influencers who have large followings embracing affiliate marketing as a valid revenue source. However, many...

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The Power Of Healing Oils Is Now Mainstream

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There was a time when the mention of essential oils and alternative remedies conjured up visions or tie-dye shirts, crystals, shamans and bell bottoms. Those days are far in the past. The essential oil business has become a $1.2 billion business* with those numbers increasing regularly. Why the increase in popularity and what are consumers looking for? Science supports the effectiveness in oils. There have been well over a dozen studies...

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New Essential Oil Product – Simply Hand Oil

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Healing Natural Oils/Amoils continues to expand its top converting beauty line with the latest addition, Simply Hand Oil. This all natural hand oil is for all skin types and contains no additives or chemicals. (toxins.) Simply Hand Oil nourishes, moisturizes and rejuvenates your hands for younger looking skin. Learn more about this amazing new product below that is, as always, made only from the highest quality, pure oils.   Simply Hand...

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Mother’s Day Affiliate Programs

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Oh Mother’s Day, how I love thee! It is hands down my most favorite holiday. Everyone tells me how amazing for doing what I love to do anyway…be a mom! The icing on the cake? I get presents, breakfast in bed AND I don’t get an older. What more could I possible want? It appears I am not alone with my love for this holiday. According to the National Retail Federation, the average American will spend $175 for the moms in his/her life. This all...

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54% Of Women Polled Want Only Natural Skin Care Products*

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As research on the impact of chemicals continue to emerge, it is no surprise that the demand for all natural products for our largest organs…our  skin…continues to rise. While many consumers state they are willing to pay more of an all natural skin care, they don’t have to with Natural Healing Oils/Amoils.   This month, Natural Healing Oils announces two new products to their growing skin care line. Simply Eye Serum and Simply Face...

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