Yoast  is a powerful tool for newbie and seasoned affiliates alike. As an affiliate program manager, I introduce many bloggers and content developers to affiliate marketing. As part of this introduction, I explain the expectation difference from a sponsored post compared to an affiliate marketing post.  One of the big differences need to optimize your content for long term passive income.

Why Use Yoast For Affiliate Marketing?

As a blogger, you may get some sales through your initial post. However, the key to affiliate marketing is getting passive sales through great evergreen content. This technique allows you to build your revenue stream without having to promote on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, promoting to your existing base is essential. However, passive income through affiliate marketing requires optimization.

And just so we are clear on the matter, placing a banner and walking away from it will not generate any substantial revenue stream. Sorry if I burst your bubble there.

Many bloggers know how to optimize for their over content niche but not for a specific affiliate action. If this is true, I quickly introduce the new affiliate to one of my favorite tools, Yoast.

Yoast integrates seamlessly into your WordPress blog. It is easy to use and a beacon of light in the mass of online information regarding SEO. Here is how I recommend my new affiliates to interact with this great tool. Many already have the plug in download.

Of course, the first step is to download Yoast but I will start past that. You can do this through the WordPress Plug In section and click on Add New.

Yoast for Affiliate Marketing


Now you are ready to get start using Yoast for affiliate marketing.  Simply follow the steps below

  1. Decide on your keyword phase. For affiliate marketing, you want your keyword phrase to be a buying a phrase. What would someone type in when s/he is in the final stages of the buying process.
      As an example, I will reference recent advice writing a post for my Healing Natural Oils program’s product H-Glow. This product is an all natural wrinkle removal cream. While beginning affiliates might be tempted to optimize the term “wrinkle cream,” a more effective approach would be “natural wrinkle cream reviews” or even the product name “h-glow review.”
  2. Enter this keyword phrase into the Yoast Focus Keyword box
  3. Make sure your URL has your keyword phrase in it. The url may need to be shortened to show.
  4. Integrate your keyword phrase into the Title. Preferably using this phrase in the beginning of the title.
  5. Use your keyword phrase in the first paragraph in your post as well as throughout the post. Please not use affiliate links for your keyword phrase. Affiliate links should be no follow links. This means search engines ignore them.
  6. Place your keyword phrase on your image alt tags.
  7. Add your Meta Tag Description in the Yoast box

These four steps are a great start. Now you can use Yoast to take you one step further by clicking on the Page Analysis tab. To use this tab, you must first Save Draft

Yoast for Affiliate Marketing


Here it will give you detailed tips on to further enhance your optimization. Below is a quick video of how I optimized this post to give you a visual representation.


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