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Top Affiliate Programs for Health Coaches

There is a definite health revolution happening in the United States and around the world. Health coaches are on the front lines giving their clients the knowledge and motivation to make positive lifestyle changes and take control of their health. We need more tools that will allow health coaches and wellness sites to both continue to spread the word...

The Influencer Marketing Checklist For Influencers

How influencers can select the right partnerships to build their brand and monetize their presence A quick Google search brings up multiple checklists for brands to use when selecting influencers. However, I couldn’t find a single checklist for influencers to use when selecting which brands to work with. I always include this topic in my presentations to influencers whether...

Attn SEO Affiliates: Top Reasons For Natural Health Affiliate Programs

The affiliate marketing industry is buzzing about bloggers and social media pros used as influencers. While that strategy is effective, many marketers leave the power of the SEO niche affiliate out of their strategy. A highly optimized website targeting specific audiences generates amazing passive income without relying on Facebook algorithms and audiences. If you are researching a niche, look...

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