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Yoga and Meditation Campaign With LATHER and ProSource

For this yoga and mindfulness campaign asset page, I am partnering with ProSource affiliate manager, Adam Riemer. Adam is a two-time recipient of Affiliate Summit’s Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Manager of the Year. In a recent conversation, we discovered our two clients, LATHER and ProSource, provide a unique and compelling product set when combined. While LATHER offers aromatherapy wellness...

LATHER Selects Robbins Interactive

I am excited to announce the latest affiliate program for Robbins Interactive. LATHER has become synonymous with wellness and holistic, natural skin and hair care solution. With a belief that products should care for the whole person…not just skin and hair…LATHER is rooted in holistic wellness and aromatherapy. LATHER is the perfect compliment to Robbins Interactive growing niche in...

Create Affiliate Banners That Convert

Before I begin my recommendations on creating effective affiliate banners, let me address the elephant in the room: no, affiliate banners are not dead. I hear this frequently and it surprises me each time. Do affiliate banners on non-related sites convert to sales? Absolutely not, and if you still have banner farms (sites with only banners and no content)...

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