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Affiliate Marketing For Podcasts

According to a 2017 report by Edison Research, 65 million Americans listen to podcasts MONTHLY! Of those, 18% say they listen to most, if not all, of an episode. Which means that, not only are they listening, but they are also listening intently. Podcasts represent an amazing, though many times overlooked, opportunity for affiliate marketing. Both advertisers and affiliates...

Influencer or Affiliate Marketing: Should a Business Have to Choose?

Spoiler Alert:  They don’t HAVE to choose.  A recent online article, published by Entrepreneur, made my blood pressure rise. The author makes a comparison between affiliate and influencer marketing and asks the question, “Which should your company use?” At first glance, I thought the article was click bait. But as it turns out, many companies do feel they need to...

ShiftCon 2018 Speaker Announcement

I am honored to be selected as a ShiftCon 2018 speaker. Shiftcon is an eco-wellness conference that invites top influencers who focus on green, sustainable and healthy lifestyle options. Three years ago, I attended my first ShiftCon conference and knew immediately I would be returning. The intimate and open environment merges enthusiasm and passion with tactics for action and...

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