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Brushee Product Details

  • 3 in 1 Convenience – toothbrush, floss, and pick
  • No water need; Our special formulated paste has minimal foam and is non-toxic which makes it possible to use without water
  • Fresh mint flavor for taste and to reduce bad breath
  • Individually wrapped for easy carrying
  • Great option for clear aligners, braces, travel, and any time you need fresh breath and teeth on the go


Target Audience

  • Invisalign or other clear aligner users
  • People with braces
  • Business travelers
  • People traveling internationally or frequently
  • Anyone who are committed to oral hygiene
  • Backpackers and campers


Topic Ideas

  • Brushee review
  • Best travel toothbrushes
  • Ultralight backpacking tips
  • How to care for your braces (or clear aligners) at school (or office)
  • Long-haul flight tips
  • What’s in my bag?
  • What’s in my office drawer?
  • How to whiten your teeth
  • How to whiten your teeth naturally
  • Tips for packing for international trips



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