Micro Influencer Activation

Micro Influencer Activation

82% of consumers have a higher likelihood of acting upon recommendations from micro-influencers.*


As Fortune 500 companies continue to invest in influencer marketing, the infiltration of influencer marketing is undeniable. With this rise, consumers are becoming more savvy about larger influencers. Consumers relate mega influencers to brand marketing while smaller influencers translate to more personal friendships. In these personal relationships, the consumer is vested in the success of the small influencer and more likely to engage with recommended products. Back in 2017, I wrote a case study with my experience of running a mega and micro influencer campaign simultaneously. The micro-influencer clearly outperformed the mega-influencer in revenue driven sales.  The results of this case study continue to prove itself in my affiliate and influencer campaigns.

While most brands and agencies are aware of the power of the micro-influencer, the management of new and less technical partnerships can be overwhelming. Here is where Robbins Interactive steps in. Having over 10 years influencer marketing experience has allowed me to streamline the process of on boarding and activation. I work with brands and agencies to put systems in place to on-board and activate these smaller influencers to increase revenue at an incremental level. My services include

  • Development of Influencer and/or Affiliate Resource Centers that provide brand and influencer marketing education. Resource centers include
    • Step by step instructions for link backs
    • Brand requirements
    • Tips for promotion for both brand specific as well as online marketing tips
    • Campaign assets pages for both general and product or promotion specific
  • Influencer activation strategy so you are maximizing your existing relationships for product launches and promotions
  • Niche identification and outreach strategy
  • Influencer outreach training and documentation
  • Platform integration to turn your customer into an influencer

Why Robbins Interactive?

  • Over 20 years online marketing experience with 10 years in influencer marketing. As an early adapter of influencer marketing, I bring a unique perspective from real world experience.
  • Proven track record.
    • Tripled Au Naturale’s affiliate program with micro influencer integration only.
    • Transitioned 100% Pure Cosmetics from an affiliate program that was 90% coupon affiliates to 100% influencers while maintaining incremental revenue of an average of 15% of existing online revenue.
  • Versed in both on and offline influencer marketing strategy and tactics
  • Experience in influencer campaigns on a performance and flat free basis
  • Expert in affiliate management with a focus in content affiliates
  • Top Rated speaker at Influencer Marketing Days, AM Days and Affiliate Summit on the topic of influencer marketing

Packages start at $1,500. Please contact me for a free consultation of your existing program and proposal.





*Study by Experticity

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