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Optimal results come from the integration of three key online marketing services in one cohesive campaign. This powerful combination monetizes your social media efforts while motivating bloggers with commissions and powerful offers.

Below outlines an overview of the services I offer.

Affiliate Marketing. Cost for Performance (CPA) marketing provides tremendous incremental growth for online stores. This powerful tool has also received some negative reviews due to poor management. With Robbins Interactive, you can be assured your campaign will focus on incremental sales with new customers. All my campaigns are parasite free and many are also coupon-free.

My campaigns focus on the integration of blogger outreach or content affiliate recruitment. These affiliate relationships elevate your brand by association and expand your reach to new customers.

Influencer Outreach.  Whether you are looking to run a campaign for User Generated Content, brand awareness, or revenue building, Robbins Interactive has a proven method for successful influencer outreach that begins with identifying influencers who can represent your brand and generate results.

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