Help How Do I Get Paid

You earned your commissions but you haven’t gotten paid yet. See below for common reasons this could be happening.

You did not meet the minimum threshold

The minimum threshold is $50 for payment. If you do not meet this threshold by the end of the pay period, your commissions will roll over to the next month. For our average order value, this requirement translates to two sales a month.

If you are no longer promoting Joy Organics and want to cash out your account, you can release your funding by emailing [email protected]. Please note, you can only do this once.

You did not complete your Payment Settings

You may have noticed that you did not fill out any forms about payment options in the application process. This is the second step of the signup process. To complete this step, click on Payments and Payment Settings.

Once you click on the link, you will be given the option for direct deposit (no transfer fees) or PayPal. Be sure to click Save to complete the form

You didn’t provide your tax ID

If you did not provide your Tax ID, Shareasale will not pay out your account. This is because we are legally obligated to tell Uncle Sam the money you earn as an affiliate. Note, your TAX ID is your social security number if you are not a corporation. To put in your Tax ID, go to Settings and then Company Information

You can upload your W-9 under Payment Settings and Account Details.  To complete and download the W-9 form, please click here. 

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