Robbins Interactive Triples Revenue For Eco-Friendly Laundry Brand


Dropps hired Robbins Interactive to manage their affiliate program, which is run through Impact, to the next level. The program was originally being managed in-house. As is the case with many in-house affiliate programs, it didn’t have a dedicated manager and was not reaching its full potential. This is something we commonly see at Robbin Interactive. Without a dedicated focus of an affiliate manager, resources are spread too thin to reach their full potential.  

The Solution

As an existing program, the first initiative was to remove parasitic affiliates who were not bringing value to the program as well as re-engaging with content affiliates who were not at their full potential. Once the program was flushed out, Robbins Interactive outlined an aggressive outreach strategy and supplemented it with a coupon, deal, and loyalty strategy to maximize exposure. 

Initially, outreach was focused on staying within the environmentalist niche as this was considered the “low hanging fruit” based on Dropps’ mission. At Robbins Interactive, we have an existing network of eco-friendly influencers as a result of our passion for working with clients that are eco-conscious. This meant that we knew we could grow the program and bring consistent incremental growth to our new client.   The Robbins Interactive team then built targeted outreach lists and campaigns to hone in on additional niches such as influencers focused on topics surrounding cleaning, home decor, tiny homes, and more. With each wave of outreach, list building and campaigns were optimized for higher conversions. 

While growing content affiliates for Dropps, Robbins Interactive engaged with coupon and loyalty affiliates who provided value beyond a discount for existing customers. With custom codes and exclusive email campaigns, these partners brought incremental value to the program. 

The Results

Within the first year of partnering with Dropps, Robbins Interactive was able to provide triple the trending revenue growth of a typical year. In addition, the content affiliate revenue grew by 65%. We expanded and refined additional campaigns to provide more exposure and sales. Robbins Interactive continues to grow the program and test additional niches and campaigns.

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