Incremental Sales Through Affiliate Management and Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an powerful addition to your marketing strategy. Done correctly, this power channel provides incremental sales up to 20%. However, if a program is not managed properly, your existing sales can be cannibalized. The key to a program’s success is affiliate program management.

At Robbins Interactive, I focus on content affiliates through blogger outreach as well as search engine optimization specialist. These affiliates elevate your brand awareness as well as bring you new customers.

I work closely with your business to determine if additional types of affiliates met your overall marketing strategy. There is a place for coupon, price comparison and search engine marketing affiliates. The key is a strategic analysis to ensure the right place is within your program.

Why would you want to hire Robbins Interactive for affiliate management?

Passion. Passionate about the industry, its people and my client’s businesses

Connections. Existing relationships with affiliates that can be leveraged to your advantage

Integrity. No parasite affiliates or affiliates who cannibalize your existing sales. I run all my programs with strong ethics that benefit both your company and affiliates.

Experience. 20 years online marketing experience and over 8 years in affiliate management.

Are we a good fit?

Answer the following questions to see if we could be a good fit

  • Do you have an online store with well-known product?
  • Is your average order size of $50 or more?
  • Has your online store been live for one year or more?
  • Is your annual online revenue of $1 million +?
  • Is your product is related to outdoors, health or sports?

If you said yes to all these questions, we need to talk. Please contact me at stephanie at robbinsinteractive dot com. I look forward to discussing your marketing needs.

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