AZO Claims

The following are approved claims for Culturelle products. Please note, if you make one of the following claims, you need to include the appropriate symbol and reference, even if it is a social media post. Further on this page are examples of proper documentation of medical claims.

These claims are inclusive of all available claims. If you are unsure if your statement meets the requirements, please email me at [email protected] for review.


Bladder Control 

  • Help take control… (by supporting pelvic floor  muscles)*  
  • Help take control by supporting a healthy  bladder*
  • Help take control by supporting your bladder  from the inside*
  • Help take control… (by supporting pelvic floor  muscles)* 
  • No rush bathroom formula*
  • Only AZO Bladder Control helps reduce both occasional  urgency and occasional leakage due to sneezing,  coughing, laughing, exercise, etc.* 

AZO® Cranberry Gummies

  • Proven to help cleanse the urinary tract.*

AZO® Complete Feminine Balance Daily Probiotic for Women

  • Helps maintain the balance of good bacteria and yeast to support vaginal health.*

AZO® Dual Protection Urinary + Vaginal Support

  • Designed to help restore your bacterial balance to support urinary and vaginal health.*

The claims above require the following reference: 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and  Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,  treat, cure or prevent any disease. (this disclaimer to appear  inside a box) 

Brand Claims

  • #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand◆
  • #1 Urinary Health Brand in the U.S. & Globally?

The claims above is for Kids products only and require the following reference: 

◆ Based on the 2022 Pharmacy Times OTC Survey (including Urinary Pain Relief and Bladder categories).

? Based on Nielsen 52 wks. w/e 12/24/21, and Nicholas Hall & Company, DB6 Global OTC Database. December 31, 2021, Value Share.


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