This page is for Grokker affiliates who would like benefits and assets to create a converting  Grokker Affiliate Campaign.  If you are not a Grokker affiliate, please click here to learn more about Grokker and the affiliate program.

The first step to promoting Grokker is to try out the program yourself. As an affiliate, I provide you with a 60 day free trial. Your followers want your personal experience, favorite videos and recommendations in your review. Plus what a great motivation to workout!

The Grokker Offer

  • You can offer your followers a 14 day free trial to ALL classes.
  • Credit card information is collected to join the trial
  • Customers can cancel at any time and with no hassle. Canceling can be done online.
  • If the customers does not cancel, s/he will be charged $14.99 for each month until s/he cancels

Grokker Benefits

  • Includes classes for yoga, fitness, meditation, mindfulness and cooking. Everything you need to thrive
  • High quality expert classes. Classes are professionally produced for clear sound
  • Teachers are professionals who know how to provide cues for an easy to follow and effective class
  • Great search capabilities with the ability to search by duration, equipment, level and type
  • Take away all the excuses. Available 24/7. Classes for any schedule from 10 to 60 minutes
  • Available on any device. Looks great on your ipad or your HD TV
  • Easy to follow series available such as 14 Days Yoga Challenge with Steffy White or Get Tight in 28 Days or Yoga for 50+
  • Forum to answer questions and interact with instructors
  • New classes added regularly

Social Media Examples


Join me in a 14 Day Free @grokkerinc challenge. Click here to learn more. <insert blog post short url> #summerready

Lust no longer. Have the body you want. Join me for a free 2 week @grokkerinc challenge

Need a quick cardio boost. Check out my fav @grokkerinc videos 10 minutes and under <insert blog post short url>

Ready to drop the excuses. Join me while I get in shape w/ @grokkerinc. Click here for a free trial <insert blog post short url>

Tired of feeling stressed and anxious. Join me as I explore the free @grokkerinc meditation classes online <insert blog post short url>



Tired of feeling stressed and anxious all the time? Me too! Which is why I gave the Grokker Meditation classes a try. Click here to learn about my experience and maybe try it yourself.

<link to affiliate page>

Summer is around the corner!  Are you ready? Let’s get in shape together using our 14 Day Free Trial with Grokker. I am doing the <your pick of series. Want to join me?



Take a picture of yourself after a workout or a yoga class. Ask them to click on your website to join you.


Grokker Affiliate Assets

For a high converting post, you need to do more than include banners. This is why Grokker provides you with great images and videos.

In Shareasale, you have the Grokker video. The video is the same as this YouTube video below except that it has your affiliate link embedded within the video with a call to action. Click here to learn how to embed a Shareasale video in your post.

Please feel free to download any of these images for your site. I encourage to add text and modify to work with your post and site. Looking for a different image? Shoot me an email and I will get it for you.

Grokker Affiliate Assets


Grokker Affiliate Asset

Grokker Affiliate Asset


Grokker Affiliate Asset