There are two ways to add Grokker affiliate banners to your website. One way adds a banner within your affiliate post. The second is to add a banner within the template of your site, for example the sidebar. This post walks you through both methods using the Grokker Affiliate Program as an example.

Below are step by step instructions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me at srobbins at grokker dot com

Step by Step Instructions To Include GrokkerAffiliate Banners

  1. Log into your Shareasale Account
  2. Click on Links and Get Links/Banners
  3. For the pull-down menu called  Specify Merchant, select Grokker
  4. Click Refresh Report To View Below
  5. Click Get Links
  6. Select the Banners tab
  7. Pick the banner you would like to display and click on it
  8. Copy and paste code Grab Grokker Affiliate Banner Code
  9. Log Into Your WordPress Admin
  10. Select the post you would like to add your banner to
  1. Select the Text TabInserting Chegg Affiliate Banner
  2. Insert the code into where you would like to see your banner
  3. Select visual to check your placement and work. Once in Visual, you can copy and paste the banner to refine placement