I could not resist posting this social media fail discovered this morning on my Facebook page.  I am cruising along and see this post.



I recently posted how I would love to do plant wall art, so at this point I am mildly creeped out. Nonetheless, I want this!  I want it, so I click and then big fail…disappointment online for me and the retailer.  Check out this landing page.


Where is my plant wall art?  I look under Art…nothing.  Now here I could go under Search but remember I was already procrastinating…I mean I was working on social media…so my alarm went off.  My spontaneous “this is destiny for me to have’ instinct got reeled in, which is a retailer’s nightmare.  Now for the sake of this project, I did do a search.  Still nothing.


This user experience outlines one of many missed conversion opportunities on social media.  It could easily have been prevented with a deep link or even better a landing page.  Social media can be used as a marketing tool, not just pr.  However, you need to put on your marketing hat.  Ask and perform the following tasks.

What do I want my user to do and how quickly can I get the user there?  Is Fab trying to get me to LIKE the post or buy the product.  Both are a fail here.  If it is a LIKE they are going for, they should not link to the site.  If it is a conversion they are doing for, they need have a deep link.

What does the path look like to the user?  Follow it from Facebook to cart.  You will uncover opportunities and potential missteps.

What alternate paths would be a good outcome?  Maybe an abandon cart pop under would work here to collect an email address or Like the Facebook page.

Be sure your numbers work.  All marketing initiatives have an ROI.  We wouldn’t survive without them. Facebook is no different.  If you are going for a LIKE what is the value of your follower.  Meaning how many of your Facebook fans convert to buyers?  How are you re-marketing to these followers on and off social media?  How are you getting these followers to promote for you?

Facebook and social media in general are amazing tools!  Despite what some may believe, it is not the Wild West out there.   Use your marketing strategy.  Have an integrated plan.  Take advantage of landing pages and direct links.  And for goodness sakes, please do not advertise a product you don’t have.

Have you seen any recent positive or negative examples on social media for direct sales?  I would love to hear about them.

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