There is a definite health revolution happening in the United States and around the world. Health coaches are on the front lines giving their clients the knowledge and motivation to make positive lifestyle changes and take control of their health. We need more tools that will allow health coaches and wellness sites to both continue to spread the word and make a living while doing so. This post offers several affiliate programs to help subsidize costs so wellness leaders can continue to connect and educate. You can also engage with other health coaches on the Health and Wellness Affiliate Facebook group.


Top Health Coach Affiliate Programs For Measuring Success


Co-founded by a Nobel Peace Prize winner for her work in telomeres, TeloYears provides a person with their cellular age versus their biological age using an easy at-home genetic test. Over 20,000 scientific studies show a correlation between a person’s telomere length and their projected longevity as well as a propensity to diseases such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and others. The great news? People can change their telomere length through diet and lifestyle. Health coaches can use this test to motivate and track change with program implementation. Affiliates can roll the costs of the test into their overall program costs and then, in turn, provide a gift card to clients. The tests cost $89 plus shipping and handling. Affiliates receive a $12 commission for each single test and $18 for the Test Now and Later set.  Learn more at the TeloYears Affiliate Resource Center. This program is managed by Robbins Interactive.

23 and Me

Another popular and informative at home genetic test, 23andMe helps people understand what their DNA says about their health, traits, and ancestry through detailed reports, tools and more. More than one million people have received their DNA results using 23andMe’s home-based saliva collection kit. The commission is $10 per health and ancestry kit. The CJ network manages this program. Please note: I have a personal connection to the affiliate management team for this program.

This program works with coupon affiliates so be sure your commissions will be protected through advanced attribution such as Leap Frog. Leap Frog commissions allow the top-of-funnel influencer to receive the partial or full commission.

Click here to sign up for the 23andMe Affiliate Program.


Top Health Coach Affiliate Programs For Healthy Eating

Thrive Market

Recommending a paleo, Mediterranean or whole foods diet? Thrive Market is a great place to send clients to get started on cleaning eating and stock up on pantry staples. An annual membership of $59.95 gives your clients access to the best prices on everything from coconut oil and ancient grains to gluten free goodness. As a Thrive Market affiliate, you will receive a $25 commission for each membership sign up you refer AND you sponsor a low-income family membership. Click here to learn more and sign up for the Thrive Market affiliate program.

Sun Basket

  • Organic, non-GMO produce.
  • Responsibly raised, sustainable meats and seafood.
  • Healthy 30-minute recipes from the former executive chef of a James Beard Award-winning restaurant in San Francisco.
  • 100% recyclable packaging.

What more could you want from a prepped meal program?!

With Sun Basket, customers choose their meals weekly or opt into a menu plan including Paleo, Gluten-Free and Vegetarian options. Sun Basket makes it easy to cook delicious meals, eat clean, and feel great. Currently, they are looking to partner with content, blog and social affiliates to help promote their brand. Commission rates vary, with affiliates earning up to $20 per sale, which is a 30% commission off the average transaction size!

Click here to sign up for the Sun Basket affiliate program.

Top Health Coach Affiliate Programs For Non-Toxic Living

Healing Natural Oils*

Essential oils are officially mainstream for beauty and personal care. Healing Natural Oils ( offers pure oil blends tested for specific results and ailments. These oils are blended in the United States and carefully sourced for their purity. With absolutely no fillers, preservatives or chemicals, Healing Natural Oils offers remedies for skin issues range from moles to skin tags. These affordable blends start at $24.95 each and are a great solution for clients who do not want to purchase multiple essential oils for their homeopathic care. With a commission of 20%, this US based company is a great recommendation for health coaches. Click here to visit the Amoils Affiliate Resource Center. Mention this article when you sign up for a special commission bonus!

The Detox Market

Have you been recommending your clients remove toxins from their skin care and cosmetics products? The Detox Market can be their one-stop shopping destination. The Detox market offers everything from all-natural deodorants and high-performance skin care to bright, non-toxic lipsticks.

This program, part of the ShareASale network, offers 10% commission. The ShareASale network is known for its advanced attribution. Be sure to ask how your commissions will be protected as they have coupon affiliates in the program.

Click here to learn more and sign up for ShareASale’s affiliate program.


Top Health Coach Affiliate Programs For The Mind and Body


Are you working with clients who have challenges with insomnia or depression? Mindplace offers the Kasina. The Kasina is a visual and audio simulation tool that operates similarly to an iPod. In the Mindplace Affiliate Resource Center, you will find multiple links to scientific studies associating audio and visual therapy and the relief of some of the symptoms associated with insomnia and depression. With 30% commission, this affiliate program is a great option for clients who struggle with meditation or need additional support. Learn more about this program at the Mindplace Affiliate Resource Center.



Grokker is an online community that provides yoga, fitness and meditation classes. This user-friendly community allows your clients to search by the length of workout and type of exercise, yoga or meditation. The quick search provides expert, high-quality videos with detailed instructions. At only $15 per month, your client receives unlimited access to top instructors around the world.  Sign up for the Grokker Affiliate Program and receive $7 for each monthly sign up.



Offering your own workouts and/or yoga classes? ProSource offers at home fitness equipment ranging from yoga mats and foam rollers to exercise bands. With up to 10% commission and affordable pricing, ProSource is a great option for your clients and your practice. Your commission is for all referred sales. Like Robbins Interactive programs, this program is for content affiliates social influencers only and is managed by Adam Reimer. Click to learn more and sign up for the ProSource Affiliate program.


As a health coach, you have many affiliate opportunities available to you. I hope this list has got you thinking about incorporating affiliate links into your communication and client programs. Continue the conversation with me in the Health and Wellness Facebook Group. This group is a great resource for both health and wellness influencers and practitioners. You will find marketing advice, affiliate tips, and promotions. I look forward to connecting there.

Are there any programs I left out that have become your favorite? Comment below or in the  Health and Wellness Affiliate Facebook group.


*These programs are run by Robbins Interactive

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