Below are the top ways affiliates promote the Grokker Affiliate Program.

Personal review – Sign up for our free Basic Subscriptions and give some videos a try. Your followers are looking for your honest opinion…that is why they follow you. A personal review converts higher than any other form of promotion. Make sure your call to actions are clear and placed at the beginning and end of your post.

Social Media – Once you have your personal review be sure to promote it on social media. Twitter and Facebook are top converters. Include a picture of you using Grokker or striking a pose on instagram. Be sure to refer users to your post for more details. Show your favorite Grokker recipe on Pinterest and send followers to your review

Email – Let your email subscribers know about your experience and the Grokker offer. Be personal within your email.

Updates – Let your followers know how you are doing with Grokker. Reminders and inspirations convert. Mention the free Grokker opportunity in relevant posts.

Banners – Side banners are a great augmentation to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Still not sure where to start? Shoot me an email through the Contact Me page so we can set up a time to brainstorm together.