Do you plan to work out or walk more in 2022? Are you also growing your affiliate marketing business? I have the perfect way to combine the two goals//podcasts! I am HUGE podcast fan to keep me active, entertained, and educated.  Here are my recommendations for podcasts to level up as an affiliate marketer.


  1. The Affiliate Guy With Matt McWilliams – I enjoyed the New Year episode, How to Start 2022 Off the Right Way. The tips he provides are great for both personal and professional goals.
  2. Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric Sui – While this is not a specific podcast for affiliate marketers,  I love these ‘bite-sized’ marketing knowledge drops. Each episode is less than 10 minutes but provides practical tactics and tips. I like to listen to this podcast while I get ready for my day to get my brain firing marketing goodness.
  3. ClickFunnels Radio – I love the mix of specific tactics to increase your database/leads as well as general business advice and motivational tips. I really enjoyed How Vulnerability Converts Your Mess Into Your Message with a fitness influencer guest.  One big takeaway was she explained that TikTok and Reels were the only way to grow your following organically. So be prepared to get in front of the camera in 2022 🙂
  4. SEOBits.FM – As a self-proclaimed SEO novice, I can get easily overwhelmed on this topic. However, it is essential for my business so I am constantly learning. I love SEOBits for their short but impactful episodes that are under 15 minutes.
  5. Affiliate Marketing Influencer Podcast – Unfortunately, this podcast for affiliate marketers is now only available in archived episodes but they are worth working through!  I love the practical advice and tips for influencers and “everyday” people using affiliate marketing to monetize their reach

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