Exciting news, two new affiliate programs joined the Robbins Interactive team, Swell.com and Exo Protein. Both programs share passions of mine so the challenging part will be not getting absorbed on all of affiliates’ blogs.

Swell.com brings California lifestyle fashion to women, men and kids. Whether you are looking for a new wetsuit or the latest boho look for an upcoming festival, Swell delivers with quality and style. Swell is an existing program on Commission Junction and Avantlink. I look forward to working with fashion bloggers either directly or via RewardStyle.  I will also be reaching out to my action sports affiliates to promote this high converting program.

To learn more about the Swell Affiliate Program program, check out my ‘work in progress’ resource page.  Right now this page includes the basics on the affiliate program. Keep checking back for tips on how to optimize and promote this great online store. Sign up for my newsletter to get updates via your Inbox

From surfers to crickets, I get to work with great clients. My next new client is Exo Protein. Exo is paving the way to make insects a regular part of the American diet.  Yes, you read that right! Why eat crickets? Sustainable food! It is 20% more efficient to raise insects versus beef. Why am I promoting Exo Protein?  Not only is better for the environment but it is also Paleo-friendly and a damn good bar.  The Exo Protein Affiliate Program resides on Shareasale.

For this client, I get to connect with fellow Paleo followers, cross fit fanatics and protectors of the earth. Anyone who knows me understands how easy it will be for me to connect with these affiliates on these subject matters.

As with all Robbins Interactive Affiliate Programs, Swell and Exo Protein are 100% parasite free with a focus on content affiliates that lift the brand. I look forward to introducing these new programs to my existing affiliates as well as meeting new affiliates. Look for aggressive VIP promotions and bonus programs.

To learn more about the Swell Affiliate Program, please click here.

To get buggy and learn about the Exo Protein Affiliate Program, click here.

I also manage Healing Natural Oils/Amoils.com and Cleatskins.  I look forward to growing out businesses together.

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